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Fashion news is all about trends, what the best designers are up to, projects that are brewing in creative minds and everything else that’s in store for us in the coming seasons. We who love clothes, shoes and accessories can’t wait to hear about the latest in the world of fashion and we hungrily scour pages of Vogue and Elle, if not other teenage magazines that cater to hip young women.

Celebrities are not new to fashion news and mostly fill pages with news about their latest line collaboration, perfume and how they are expanding their fashion empires. Don’t you just envy these beautiful millionaires?

This year’s fashion news was filled with awards bestowed on enterprising and creative designers like Nicole Richie for her work on her jewelry line named after her daughter. Another award-winning designer is Sarah Burton, who has come to be known as the designer of Kate’s beautiful wedding dress in the fashion event of this year. Let’s not forget the hats at that wedding too!

Other fashion news are about how Victoria Beckham is now getting into children’s wear as well as Emma Bunton. It seems like next year will be a very busy year for fashion.

Models have gone on to have babies and come back looking more fabulous than ever. New models have entered the scene and have gained attention because of more famous siblings,

Since this year is ending soon, we want to know what’s in the fashion news for next year. We wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing last season’s dress. If you love classic styles, then next year will be your year. Next year’s fashion will have 1960’s, 1970’s, 1920’s and 1940’s influences.

Now that you have had your dose of fashion news, you can freely browse through more trends and predictions.

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