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So the year is ending and it’s time to take a good look at the fashion trends 2012 will bring. Whether you love fashion or simply want to be up-to-date with fashion trends, you will find the information here to be helpful.

This year’s fashion trends can help us determine what fashion trends 2012 will have. Spring will be a good point to start from. The 80’s are most definitely going to give way to 60’s and 70’s fashion styles. So get ready to start shopping for some of the popular 60’s trend with modern twists.

One of the other decades to be showing some signs of returning for fashion trends 2012 is the Roaring 20’s. Yes, there will most likely be some art deco influences that will start coming in as well.

You may be suspecting the 90’s style influences to be part of the trend, but those will be rather short-lived.

Spring is definitely going to be exciting and dressing up for spring is always fun. We always love some colors for spring, but the trend will be leaning more on more on warmer colors. Clothes for spring will also have a more sporty vibe.

Spring fashion trends 2012 will bring in bold colors and prints that have been seen on the runways lately. If you love bold patterns, then spring will give you every opportunity to wear them.

Who doesn’t love summer time? It’s the season when we can hit the beaches to cool off and is a great time to let us show some bit of skin. Fashion trends 2012 summer has in store for us are cropped tops, hot pants and still a lot of prints. Expect to see some animal prints and we don’t mean leopard prints. We’re talking more detailed prints and some designers have decided to still make use of lace.

The fashion trends 2012 has in store are definitely sexier and bolder so check them all out today.

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