This Activewear Brand Is Black Female-Owned, Sustainably Made And Size-Inclusive

A recent trend is the fusion of diverse body types, genders, and races. One company leading this change is an activewear brand called Nubian Skin.

Nubian Skin was founded in 2014 by Ade Hassan, a British-Nigerian woman who was tired of not being able to find nude underwear and hosiery that matched her skin tone. “I remember going into a store and they only had beige and black,” Hassan says. “I thought, ‘Why isn’t there anything for me?’”

Hassan launched Nubian Skin with just four shades of nude lingerie, but the line has since expanded to include everything from sportswear to swimwear to bridalwear, and now offers 14 shades of nude to match a range of skin tones. The company has also expanded its size range, now offering everything from XS to 4XL.

Not only is Nubian Skin size-inclusive and inclusive of all skin tones, but it’s also sustainably made. The activewear is made from recycled polyester, nylon, and spandex, and the company is committed to using eco-friendly packaging.

What’s more, Nubian Skin is a Black female-owned business, which is still sadly rare in the fashion industry. In a recent interview, Hassan spoke about the importance of representation in the fashion industry: “It’s so important for young girls, and not just young Black girls, to be able to see somebody that looks like them doing something that they want to do… When I started Nubian Skin, there weren’t a lot of Black-owned businesses, let alone Black-owned businesses in lingerie. And so I hope that we can be an inspiration to other young Black women out there.”support your girls

If you’re looking for an activewear brand that is size-inclusive, sustainable, and Black female-owned, then look no further than Nubian Skin.

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