red lipstick

It is really important to keep your mosturised and soft…and I’m sure many of you out there are addicted to your lip balm…well so am I!!!However it is important that you make sure your using the right product…something that is not too harsh!!!

My personal favourite…MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BABY LIPS!! This product is the one thing I can never leave home without.. Well like I said …its the one thing I’m addicted to!! The reason…its amazing!! Its 6hr moisture and translucent colour shine…gives your lips its required moisture and a perfect pout!!! It contains vitamin E and jojoba oil..which helps shed dryness and keeps your lips smooth and plumpy. It’s pure colour system gives it that shimmer and glossy effect…this way I need not use any gloss!!! It comes in eight flavours…my favourite…BERRY CRUSH SPF16 .This product completes my look everyday…!! Its something I would definitely recommend!! Go babylicious!!


Hey,I'm Danielle...i love fashion ....and I believe that the first step to looking great is to love yourself...and the way you look!And of course carry your smile with you's the best accessory. "The great thing about always looks forward" Oscar de la renta

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