Look chic with white!

White has made its comeback! Be it a dress a top ….anything at all…White is definately a colour to try on. Here are a few things dat look amazing in white!!!!

The little white dress:

How about the little white dress??? It gives you that beautiful and sexy look at the same time! It looks stunning when worn eat dinners ,parties or a night out.The dress is easy to carry off!! You could wear it plain or go wild with your accessories ..teaming it with almost any colour.Pear it with a belt,a gorgeous pair of heels ….maybe a bracelet ……a clutch..and you’ve got your look!! Singer /songwritter Taylor Swift carried of the looked stunning…in a white Calvin Klein dress…

The white Crop-top:

No doubt the crop-top style…is here to stay….and a white crop top looks chic and funky!! With a pair of jeans…. A denim skirt and a jacket …the look the amazing.

My white denim jeans:

My personal favourite….a white pair of jeans!!!! It can be worn with almost any colour and looks great.You could wear it anywhere …and to anything!! A white pair of jeans are a must -have in a girls wardrobe ….!!! Wear it at a day out,a party,a dinner….or anywhere at all…..and you need not fear …cause you’ve got your look!!

Go desi:

I am a ‘desi’ girl at heart…and I love the desi look! In my books…a white saree or arnakali….is a head-turner!!Wear it at a friends wedding or any formal occasion….and trust me….it looks gorgeous!






Hey,I'm Danielle...i love fashion ....and I believe that the first step to looking great is to love yourself...and the way you look!And of course carry your smile with you ....it's the best accessory. "The great thing about fashion...it always looks forward" Oscar de la renta

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