The jumpsuite trend

The fall trend of 2014.. The jumpsuite is officially back! From Kim kardashian to miley Cyrus… Selena gomez and Beyonce… They’ve embraced it with ease…! The jumpsuite should never be a problem to Carry off… Easy to wear and light it has definitely been the most talked about trend! Ranging from floral to printed… Denim and light shade pastels… The jumpsuite has made a mark in the industry… Five years ago it was “the celebrity outfit”…and well..I guess a joke for the people who watched them… And now five years later..The jumpsuite has now become a” style staple “.

The jumpsuite gives you the comfort and confidence and can be worn anywhere and to almost anything. A casual day…or a dinner… A wedding or even to work.. A jumpsuite could be your answer!

For a casual look.. Choose a lightweight fabric… Light pastel colours.. You could even opt for a denim jumpsuite.. Or even a floral or block print. For a dinner party go in for bolder colours.. And of course black has been one of the commonly used colours. You could opt for lace or peplum.. Or just chic fabric. It substitutes for a cocktail dress… And Keeps you comfortable and confident. This way you need not worry of being over – dressed or too casual too the occasion. A jumpsuite could also be a perfect  choice to a days work..

Choosing the type of jumpsuite you wear is very important. If you prefer  skinny jeans..choose a jumpsuite with a perfect skinny slim fit.. That fits perfectly on the could also go for bell-bottoms…

Accessorising.. Is simple…however be careful that you do not over do it on the accessories.


Hey,I'm Danielle...i love fashion ....and I believe that the first step to looking great is to love yourself...and the way you look!And of course carry your smile with you's the best accessory. "The great thing about always looks forward" Oscar de la renta

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