Everyone’s Getting Naked in the Name of Fashion Today

Beginning with someone who penned his blog about Cara Delevingne frolicking around topless in a field. Then, Kanye West released the NSFW music video for “All Day,” which features lots of naked ladies writhing around in sand. And now, Vogue Italia has released its latest cover, which stars Lara Stone completely naked except for a pair of strategically placed Gucci gloves.
What is happening? Is this some sort of sartorial free-love movement? A return to the hedonistic days of Studio 54? We’re not sure, but we do know that we’re seeing a lot more nudity in fashion lately—and we’re not complaining.
Of course, fashion has always been fascinated with nudity (see: any Givenchy campaign from the ’90s), but there does seem to be an uptick in skin-baring moments as of late.

Maybe it’s because social media has made it so easy to share risqué images with the click of a button; or maybe designers and editors are just feeling extra bold this season. Whatever the reason, we say keep those clothes off! We’re all for celebrating the human body—after all, fashion should be fun!

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