Beauty Made in Italy: Divine Hair Care & Grooming Lines Perfect for Fall

The brands in question are: Bottega Verde, Evolution Man & Woman, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Laura Biagiotti Perfume and Skincare Line; Mancini & Fils Soaps and Shower Gels; L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Care Line for Women; Pupa Make-Up Collection with Lipsticks by Estée Lauder Cosmetics.

Bottega Verde offers a number of organic skin care products as well as plant-based beauty treatments. The company is based out of Treviso in Italy’s Veneto region and was founded by two brothers in 1971 with humble beginnings – it now has over 500 stores worldwide including one on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue that opened last year to rave reviews from New Yorkers who cherish its natural ingredients like argan oil from Morocco or shea butter from Uganda.

The brand is also known for their innovative products such as the Tree Mask – a mask made with clay taken from Mt Etna which helps detoxify your skin while nourishing it at the same time! There is also an exclusive line created just for men called “Evolution Man” which features shaving creams made without animal fats or synthetic fragrances that come complete with bamboo handles!

For those looking to switch up their hairstyle this fall would be wise to visit this booth where you will find everything you need including hair dye kits that include no ammonia but instead use fruit extractions like apricot juice or carob beans so they smell divine while not damaging strands (especially important if you want platinum blonde). You’ll also find shampoos using green tea extracts rather than harsh chemicals along with conditioners infused with olive oil to nourish dry hair before styling them into sleek waves à la Brigitte Bardot!

And finally there are all sorts of accessories ranging from tiaras featuring faux pearls (perfect for weddings!) all the way down to silk scarves adorned only by delicate flowers embroidered on them – perfect when paired together alongside any outfit whether casual or formal requiring something head turning yet subtle enough not overpowering your ensemble!

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