7 Ways to Style Bra Tops This Valentine’s Day

Purple hues, tassels , lace & laser cutters and pink perfected obliques are making their fashion statement this year alongside denim on denim , see through and inner wear over outer wear.

The snake references

Swift has been known to drop cryptic clues about her upcoming music through her social media platforms, and one of the most popular theories is that the singer uses snakes as a symbol for new beginnings.

Swift has posted several Instagram photos of herself walking in a forest wearing a pink coat and holding what appears to be binoculars. Many fans believe that these photos were taken in Big Sur, California near where Swift owns a $17 million mansion.

The pink coat could be significant because pink is often associated with femininity and romance— two themes that seem to be present in Midnights. The binoculars could also be symbolic because they allow people to see things from far away, which could represent how Swift has been able to reflect on her past experiences and grow from them.

So here are seven ways to style your bra tops this valentine with a few Swift pointers.

With Denim: This denim and bra top combo is cool and convenient and can be styled in a variety of ways with a lace bralette and high pony.

With a lace dress: Style it with a sheer or nearly-sheer dress and a lingerie set underneath. Brownie points if you coordinate shades.

With Leggings: Emphasize your boldness by wearing it with leggings try same colors and contrasts to see what suits your complexion.  Go all-out by piling on accessories and pair them with heels.

With a sheer shirt: Wear a sheer shirt buttoned down or open with a nearly-sheer lace lingerie set underneath. Extra points if you coordinate shades.

With a cardigan: Cardigan on top, party underneath—a bra top under a cardigan is as sleek and sexy as it goes.  Complete the look with simple chains, a pair of statement earrings, or keep it bare and simple.

With jogging bottoms: Give one of your everyday staples a bit of edge by topping a sports bra over your joggers. Keep the footwear sporty.

With a short skirt and pink shirt: Subtle yet effective, style your bralette under a pink top with a black short skirt. It’s the perfect way to show off a bralette without being too revealing.

With Valentine 

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