15 Beauty Gifts Editors Are Buying This Year

Hey beauties! ‘Tis the season for glam, glow, and all things fabulous. I’ve rounded up the hottest beauty gifts that our favorite editors are obsessing over this year. Whether you’re treating yourself or finding the perfect present for your glam squad, these picks are bound to make spirits – and complexions – merry and bright.

1. Glow-Getter Skincare Set:
Our editors swear by this set, loaded with serums and creams promising that coveted lit-from-within glow. Because who needs a filter when your skin is doing the talking?

2. Velvet Matte Lip Kits:
Matte lips are having a major moment, and these kits are the secret sauce. From sultry reds to daring nudes, gift a pout that speaks volumes.

3. Crystal-Infused Facial Roller:
Bring good vibes and de-puffing magic to your skincare routine. Editors are rolling their way to zen with these crystal-infused facial rollers.

4. Mermaid-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette:
Dive into a sea of mesmerizing colors with this mermaid-inspired palette. Shimmery blues, iridescent greens – because who says your eyeshadow can’t make a splash?

5. Personalized Haircare Kits:
Treat your locks like royalty with personalized haircare kits. Editors love the customized formulas for a crowning glory moment.

6. Silk Pillowcase Set:
Beauty sleep just got an upgrade. Editors are swooning over silk pillowcases – the secret to waking up with Instagram-ready hair and skin.

7. CBD-Infused Bath Bombs:
Stress? What stress? Editors are unwinding in style with CBD-infused bath bombs. A relaxing soak never felt this indulgent.

8. Luxury Fragrance Wardrobe:
Why pick one scent when you can have them all? Editors are gifting – and getting – fragrance wardrobes to suit every mood.

9. DIY Nail Art Kit:
Nail the perfect mani at home with DIY nail art kits. Editors are expressing themselves, one stroke at a time.

10. Travel-Friendly Beauty Blender Set:
Editors are on-the-go, and so is their flawless base. This travel-friendly beauty blender set is a makeup bag essential.

11. Bold and Beautiful Lip Stains:
Eat, drink, and slay all day with bold lip stains. Editors are making a statement that lasts from brunch to beyond.

12. Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials:
Sustainability meets beauty with eco-friendly essentials. Editors are championing the planet and looking fabulous doing it.

13. Virtual Beauty Consultation Vouchers:
Editors love the gift of expert advice. Virtual beauty consultations ensure that your loved ones get personalized tips from the pros.

14. Gold-Infused Sheet Masks:
Turn your skincare routine into a golden affair with these gold-infused sheet masks. Editors are masking their way to radiant, luxurious skin.

15. Celestial-Inspired Highlighter Palette:
Shine bright like the stars with celestial-inspired highlighter palettes. Editors are embracing their inner cosmic glow.

From skincare to makeup and everything in between, these editor-approved beauty gifts are the key to unlocking a season filled with glamour, self-care, and unapologetic fabulousness. Treat yourself or your beauty-loving BFF – ’tis the season to shine, darling! ✨💄🎁

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