Fashion Show Production: Behind the Scenes


Fashion shows are one of the most important aspects of the fashion industry. They are used to introduce new designers and their collections, as well as to showcase established brands. A lot of work goes into the production of a fashion show, and it all starts with the venue.

The venue is usually a large space, such as a warehouse or an empty office building. The size of the venue will determine how many people can be accommodated and how much room there is for backstage preparations. Once the venue is secured, it’s time to start planning the

The first step is to choose the clothing that will be featured in the show. This is usually done by the designer or brand, but sometimes stylists are brought in to help with this process. Once the clothing has been selected, it needs to be sorted and organized so that it can be easily found when it’s time to start dressing the models.purse3-12

Next, the models need to be booked. This is usually done through an agency, but some designers prefer to work with specific models that they know and trust. The number of models needed will depend on the number of looks in the collection and how many changes are required for each look.models_ramp

Once all of the models have been booked, it’s time to start fitting them for their clothing. This process can take several hours, depending on how many looks there are and how intricate each look is. After everyone has been fitted, it’s time for hair and

Again, this is usually done by professionals who are brought in specifically for this purpose. Hair and makeup can take several hours, depending on the complexity of the looks being created. Once everyone is ready, it’s finally time for the show to begin!cupboard-8

The show itself usually lasts around 20 minutes, during which each model will walk down the runway wearing one or more looks from the collection. After all of the models have walked, they will return backstage so that they can change into their next outfit and prepare for round two!cupboard-7

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