Why Beautiful Women Date Average-Looking Men

New Love has no limits and joyously the news spreads to kith and kin about the great new person they’re dating, and will bring said new partner to social functions where everyone will ooh and ahh over how lucky they are.

But then, a few months later, they break up, and they never hear from that person again. Why? Because even though we like to think that beauty is only skin deep, the truth is that our attraction to others is often based on looks.

That’s not to say that we don’t care about personality. We do. But studies have shown that we’re more likely to date and marry someone who is physically attractive to us.

So what does this mean for the beautiful people of the world? Well, it means that they often end up dating men who are average-looking at best. And while there are plenty of benefits to dating an average-looking guy (they’re usually more down to earth, for one), there are also some drawbacks.

For example, beautiful women often have to deal with the fact that their partners are constantly being hit on by other women. It’s not uncommon for a beautiful woman to walk into a bar with her average-looking guy and have other women flock to him while she stands there alone.

It can also be difficult for beautiful women to find an average-looking guy who is interested in them for who they are and not just for their looks. A lot of times, beautiful women end up dating guys who only want to use them as arm candy or who are only interested in getting them into bed.

As is commonly thought dating usually leads to activity, so if you’re a beautiful woman who is tired of dating guys who are more interested in your looks than your personality, don’t despair. There are plenty of average-looking guys out there who would love to date you. You just have to know where to find them.

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