Here’s Why Mini Trend is Going to Stay in the Beauty Industry

Right  about now, minis are trending in the beauty industry for a few reasons. For one, they’re super cute. They look great on Instagram and in real life, too. They’re also easy to travel with—perfect for when you’re on the go and need to touch up your makeup. And last but not least, they’re affordable. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking to save some money, minis are a great option.

So why is the mini trend here to stay? We asked a few experts to weigh in.

“I think the mini trend is here to stay for a few reasons,” says Mary Jane Denman, founder and CEO of Mary Jane Beauty. “First, as women, we like options. So many of us are busy and on the go, and we don’t always have time for a full beauty routine.

Minis allow us to have our favorite products with us without taking up a lot of space or weighing us down.”

“Minis are also perfect for trying new products,” she adds. “If you’re not sure about a certain foundation or shade of lipstick, buy the mini version first. You can always return it or exchanges it if you don’t like it, but at least you didn’t spend a lot of money on something you may not use.”

Alicia Yoon, founder and CEO of Peach & Lily, seconds that sentiment. “The mini trend is definitely here to stay because it offers so many benefits,” she says. “It’s a great way to try new products without committing to the full size, which can be expensive.

And since they’re small, they’re easy to take with you when you travel, you want to invest in the full size. It’s a way of being able to test out new products without having to commit to them long-term, and that’s always a good thing.”

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