Update Your Manicure with The Best Beauty Buys for Nails

From at-home gel kits to the prettiest polishes, these are the products that will have you showing off your digits all season long.

Gel manicures have taken over as the simplest way to achieve long-lasting color — and there’s no reason not to want salon nails without having to leave home (or spend a fortune). The process is pretty much foolproof: apply two coats of color, cure under an LED lamp, then apply a topcoat for extra shine and protection. We found three different at-home gel polish kits that will give your nails a high-shine finish that lasts up to two weeks.

Our pick for best overall kit is from Essie; we love how efficient and user-friendly it is. The included portable curing lamp has four settings so you can fully customize your mani experience, plus it’s small enough to stash in your purse for touchups on the go.

Another solid choice comes from Sally Hansen; this one requires no base coat or primer — simply paint on like regular nail polish, then seal with the included topcoat before popping each digit under the included UV light until dry (about 45 seconds per nail). If you prefer something more low-tech, look no further than

Revlon’s Express Kit: There’s just one step involved (color + curing), so even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, perfect application is practically guaranteed. Simply swipe on two coats of lacquer, place hands underneath the provided LED lamps until dry (it takes less than three minutes), and voilà!

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