Easy Outfit Ideas Using the Opposite-Dressing Fashion Rule

If you’re not familiar with the opposite-dressing fashion rule, hang -on its not that, it’s pretty simple actually: You take a typically ‘summery’ piece of clothing and style it in a way that makes it appropriate for cooler weather, or vice versa. See life is simple and

the person wearing it is trendy – they have styled their clothing in what is  called – ‘opposite-dressing’ fashion rule.

For example, you might take a flowy sundress and pair it with a leather jacket and booties, or wear a pair of shorts with a turtleneck and over-the-knee boots.

The best part about the opposite-dressing fashion rule is that it’s so easy to do — and it’s a great way to get more mileage out of your summer clothes as we transition into fall.

Here are some easy outfit ideas using the opposite-dressing fashion rule:

1. A flowy sundress + a leather jacket + booties

2. A pair of shorts + a turtleneck + over-the-knee boots
3. A sleeveless top + an oversized sweater + jeans or leggings
4. A summery skirt + a chunky knit sweater + tights or leggings (and maybe even a pair of boots)

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