The Style & Beauty Icon Has Us Inspired

I could appreciate the historic significance of a Black woman being featured in such a mainstream fashion publication. It wasn’t just that Johnson was beautiful (which she is) or that she had a successful career (which she definitely did); it was that she somehow managed to make her way into a world that, at the time, didn’t seem to have much room for women who looked like her. And she did it with style and grace.

In the nearly four decades since Johnson’s groundbreaking Vogue cover, we’ve seen more and more African-American models and celebrities gracing the pages of fashion magazines and appearing in mainstream advertising campaigns. While there’s still a long way to go in terms of diversity in the fashion industry, it’s safe to say that Beverly Johnson helped pave the way for the success of many Black women in the world of style and beauty.

And speaking of style, Johnson is still an icon in the fashion world today. At 60 years old, she looks better than ever, and her personal style is as chic and effortless as ever. She’s also an accomplished businesswoman, having launched her own line of haircare products for women of color back in 1993. These days, she’s using her platform to speak out about important issues like equal pay for women and racial diversity in Hollywood.

We can all learn a lot from Beverly Johnson—not just about fashion but also about life. She’s proof that you can be successful and stylish at any age, and that you can use your voice to effect positive change in the world. We’re inspired by her strength, her grace, and her unending sense of style—and we know you will be too!

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