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We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to talk a bit about the way in which makeup trends are being shaped by issues that women are facing in every aspect of their lives right now- anxiety, stress levels, politics.

The beauty industry as we know it has been assimilated in a lot of ways- over eight billion dollars worth of cosmetics is sold to us each year alone. Believe it or not, one trend for 2023 might just buck that depressing trend by taking steps towards solutions rather than masking existential questions with Lancome Absolue Rose  ($100).

Cue: Skin Brighteners. They may sound like a snore but this new class of products are directly addressing the high incidence of skin condition such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots like spots from acne scarring and sun damage (hello breakouts!). This means that one sidekick for your night routine is finally here! The nature deep sleep you get will go hand in hand with how well these treatment creams can give back your youthful glow since they tone, balance and soothe your complexion while you slumber on blissfully unaware in deepest REM cycle mode

Different types on skin brightener come fully armed with healing fare ranging from Vitamin C Complexes to Micro-Exfoliating Technology -all targeting specific concerns. For example our favorite remedy?

We’re full on obsessed with Merz’s Clinical Skin Enhancer ($88) because it contains actual botanical pigment molecules that lay restlessly at the bottom of ponds and streams until they’re grazed by uv rays giving them The ability to temporarily camouflage those effect caused by redness without an oily feeling or greasy residue found often when using typical physical-makeup ones. Micellar technology removes makeup with just water although first shaking them before use.”

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