Pretty in Pink Men’s Wear ahem ahem!

Fashion is something that has always been a part of our culture. It is an expression of our individuality and can be used to communicate our mood or style.

For many men, fashion is a way to express their personality and sense of self. It can be an extension of who they are and how they want to be perceived by the world. Gen X and above believe pink to be ‘only for effeminates’. This is further elaborated by Urban dictionary describing them as woke males.

While women have always been the focus of the fashion industry, men’s fashion has come a long way in recent years. There are now more options than ever before when it comes to clothing, accessories, and grooming products for men. And while some men still shy away from pink, others believe it needs to be embraced as it’s a versatile color that throws open their individuality and uniqueness. It also looks great as part of their wardrobe. The latter is of course, described as  ‘the woke male’: who willingly wears dresses and makeup to please, and justified as their unbiasedness against gender stereotypes. (…and that’s when the train leaves the station)

Pink is pink and a dress needs to be worn be you masculine or feminine. Depending on how you wear it, it looks good on everyone! Here are some tips on how to wear pink like a pro:

Start with a basic tee or tank in pink as your foundation piece and please don’t shave. From there you can add layers such as a denim jacket or cardigan for cool weather days. If you want to make more of a statement, try pairing your pink top with black pants or jeans for contrast. And don’t forget accessories! A pink scarf or hat can add just the right amount of color to your outfit without going overboard. And please don’t shave!

Now that this scores a win, for the anti-gender movement next item on the agenda is universal adoption of the skirt  just to get them legs together, for men who want to push it up a notch and look prettier, you may want to explore your options, like little knacks from @patrick_star or super strong hip pants that express your inner self, on Aliexpress and Amazon.

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  1. Looks like fun! I will jump into T-shirt remake mode as soon as I finish the current projects. Have you the You-Tube videos of an artist cutting and weaving the backs of T-shirts while men are wearing them? I wrote about Smocking in Creating Couture Embellishments for hip pants and really enjoyed making all the samples snapshots. Also: Ruching (gathering fabric on one side of the panel but not the other) and Pleating, including cartridge pleats (very tightly gathered pleats) will go well with pink T-shirt remakes!

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