5 Mistakes You Make Buying Petite Clothing


1. Not Checking the Length

This is probably the most common mistake petites make when shopping. You find a top or dress you love but when you try it on, it´s way too long. Or, even worse, you don´t even bother to try it on and only realize it´s too long once you get it home.90s-0

The solution: Always, always, always check the length of clothing before you buy it. If you´re shopping online, make sure to look at the measurements and compare them to something you already own that fits well. And in store, don´t be afraid to ask a salesperson to help you measure something before you buy ittunic-1.

2. Wearing Clothes that are Too Big

Just because you´re petite doesn´t mean you have to wear clothes that are super tight or skin-hugging. But a lot of shorter women make the mistake of thinking they need to go up a size or two in order to avoid looking like they´re swimming in their clothes. The truth is, though, that baggy clothes just make you look smaller and drown out your figure.necklaces-4

The solution: Stick to clothes that fit well but aren´t too tight. And if something is a little loose, that´s okay, as long as it doesn´t look like you´re swimming in it. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything with excess fabric around the waist or hips.

3. Wearing Heels that are Too High

This is a mistake a lot of women make, regardless of their height. But it´s especially common among petites who think they need to wear sky-high heels in order to look taller. The truth is, though, that heels that are too high can actually make you look shorter. And they´re also just really uncomfortable.fashion-5

The solution: Stick to heels that are around 2-3 inches high. Anything higher than that is just going to be uncomfortable and won´t do much for your height anyway. And if you really want to add some extra inches, try wearing a pair of wedges instead.bracelets-5

4. Not Wearing Belts

A lot of petite women avoid belts because they think they make them look shorter. But the truth is, a well-placed belt can actually do wonders for your figure. It can help define your waist and give the illusion of longer legs.clutch-purse-1

The solution: Look for belts that are proportionate to your body and that sit at your natural waistline. And don´t be afraid to experiment with different colors and materials – a bold belt can really add some interest to an outfit.accessories-0

5. Not Wearing Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are one of the best things for petites – they help elongate your body and make you look taller. But a lot of shorter gals stay away from them because they think they make them look wider. The truth is, though, that as long as the stripes are thin and close together, they won´t have that effect.clutch-purse-0

The solution: Look for vertical stripes that are thin and close together. And if you´re really self-conscious about them making you look wider, try wearing them in a darker color – that will help minimize the effect. petite pomme.


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