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Can’t wait for spring fashion 2012 to arrive? Well, you’re in luck because we have some of the best details about the fashion trends that you’ll be seeing around you in no time at all. Once winter is over, spring will be a colorful explosion and we have color predictions that will help you pick out your outfits for spring fashion 2012.

So what have been hitting the runways that will be showing up for spring? We’ve already mentioned before that there will be a lot of colors. For spring fashion 2012, make sure your color palette will lean more towards warmer colors. You may be seeing a lot of tangerines or oranges and even a lot of color-blocking.

If you like pink, don’t worry. That color will be showing up too for spring, but they will be utilized more with shorts suits. For those who are a little shyer, other pastel hues will still be fashionable.

Spring fashion 2012 is also a lot about prints. They will be mixed so you can imagine yourself wearing two different prints at the same time. You can have a different print for your top and another for your bottom clothing.

Spring fashion 2012 styles vary, but expect to be baring some skin. Women with wonderful and fit tummies can show them off in cropped tops and even in bra tops. Those blessed with gorgeous gams will have fun showing them off also in shorts.

Pleats will still be in just like lace will be. Make sure you have some clothing with sheer fabric because that’s another trend for spring. If you want to opt for something less revealing, try out slinky fabric or dresses with glossy colors.

Now that you have a good idea about spring fashion 2012 trends, you have every opportunity to look fabulous or chic!

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