Fall Couture

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What’s in store for us in this year and next year’s fall fashion? Will it be crazy, over the top, subdued, chic or simply experimental? Will the trends continue for fall next year too? Whatever questions you may have, you can find wonderful suggestions here to look chic this fall without trying too hard. Recycling, re-using and experimenting with the trends got designers busy for fashion week all over the world.

Perhaps you are now curious about fall fashion trends. Why wouldn’t you be when fall is a good time to dress chic and explore your masculine side. More women are dressing like men, but suits still have that sexy androgynous appeal that women are loving this season.

Fall fashion is also all about boots, boots and boots! No fall wardrobe will be complete without them. They go with leggings, jeans and even dresses or skirts. This fall, if you want to look chic without too much effort, pair your boots with jeans, a nice cardigan or shrug, a hat and a pretty scarf. Only minimal jewelry is required.

For fall fashion 2011 and 2012, colors are brighter. When we say bright, we mean sky blue, neon orange, yellow, teal and all other striking hues. For those who are a little color-shy, pastels will still be acceptable, but blacks and whites are preferred or safer.

Fall fashion this year can only be described as outrageous. You will find all trends mixed together. Can’t picture it? Simply imagine leather with sequins or silks with fur. Now can you see it?

If you are a little more adventurous, you can play with prints and combine two different prints to form one fabulous outfit. Don’t worry, the prints range from small details to large ones.

You can clearly see fall fashion has a lot of fantastic opportunities this year and ‘til the next.

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