Clean & Sustainable Makeup ft.BlushBee – 4th Edition Of The Virtual Beauty Carnival

Cleansing your body is one of the best things you can do for your physical health and well-being. You may also take this step for environmental concerns as well since it means less chemicals in the pool, less chemicals in the treated river, and less toxins to dump on landfills. Careful observation will reveal that most mainstream skin care products are loaded with toxins that have been linked to a number of environmentally-friendly concerns, including climate change.

Antioxidant vitamin prevents air pollution from triggering cell death in pregnant mice study

Vitamin E is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy, noted Doctor Ayala Mourikmeht

Vitamin E sinks under water without leaving behind fats showing brightness of color
(However need to be applied over iron rich blush for intense radiance)
Today’s makeup dos and donts!
To maximize being environmentally safe with make-up, here are some key alternatives you can make.

Shampoo strip: no parabens; hair dye: no lead or animal by-products; toothpaste: gluten free/no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate); underarm deodorizer: aluminum free; skincare: oxybenzone free
Clean and Sustainable Makeup ft.BlushBee – 4th Edition Of The Virtual Beauty Carnival.

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