‘Bridgerton’ Style Dresses to Shop Now — Bridgerton Dress Style Regency Style Fashion

When it comes to fashion, Bridgerton walks the line between modernity and tradition. The show is set in Regency Era London—a time when Simplicity was the key to good taste and corsets were de rigueur for a lady of means—but the costumes by Ellen Mirojnick are anything but staid.

Mirojnick, who has been working in film and television for over 30 years, has outfitted some of Hollywood’s most stylish characters, from Barbra Streisand in Yentl to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

For Bridgerton, she took on the challenge of creating a wardrobe that would look both timeless and of-the-moment for a show that is sure to be streamed and rewatched for years to come.

“To make it new, you have to first understand what came before,” Mirojnick explains of her process. “Every period has its own vernacular when it comes to fashion. For instance, in the Regency Era there was a lot of exposed skin. Necklines were low, hemlines were high, and sleeves were often off-the-shoulder.”

While Mirojnick was keen to stay true to the silhouettes of the time, she also wanted to ensure that the clothing felt relevant to a 2020 audience. “It was important to us that the clothes not feel like costume,” she says. “We wanted people watching at home to be able to see themselves in these characters.”

To that end, Mirojnick sought out fabrics and trims that would add a touch of luxury without looking too formal. She used lightweight cottons and silks for daywear and heavier velvets and brocades for eveningwear. She also incorporated a few contemporary details like delicate lace trim and ruffled sleeves.

The result is a wardrobe that feels at once classic and modern—fitting for a show that is sure to become a timeless classic itself. Here, we break down some of our favorite looks from Bridgerton’s first season (with pieces you can shop now) so you can bring a little bit of Regency glamour into your own life.

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