Best Free Beauty and Makeup Apps To Download

A Beauty app is the perfect addition to your makeup routine. It provides a method to your routine to get that natural, dewy finish that will make you look like a goddess. It can be used alone or mixed with your favorite themes to build a  foundation for an even more flawless finish. The best part  is that there are a variety  so you’re sure to find the perfect match to your rhythm.

1. Glamscout is one of the best free beauty and makeup apps because it allows you to find specific product recommendations to recreate any look you love. All you need is a picture of the look you want to achieve, and Glamscout will do the rest.

2. If you’re always on the lookout for the latest hair and makeup trends, then Trend Talk is a must-have app. It provides timely updates on what’s hot in the world of beauty, along with how-to videos and photos so you can recreate the looks at home.

3.Have you ever seen a celebrity or model with a killer complexion and wondered what their secret is? Chances are they’re using one (or more) of these high-tech complexion perfectors. From airbrushing effects to blotchy skin evening out, these apps will help you fake flawless skin.

4.Fancy yourself a makeup artist? Create your own custom looks with Makeup Plus, an app that lets you experiment with different shades and products to create unique looks. You can even save your creations and share them with friends for feedback.

5.Need some quick beauty inspiration? Take a cue from some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities with the Makeover Toolkit app. It includes before-and-after photos of celebs who’ve undergone major hair and makeup transformations, so you can see just how drastic a new look can be.

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