Bridal Wedding Fashion Inspiration for the Bride with Some Edge

Traditionally a bride wears a pure white wedding gown. In fact, if I could get away with it, I would probably wear a black leather dress with some killer boots. Alas, my mom would kill me (literally) if I showed up to my own wedding looking like Morticia Addams, so I have to at least make an effort to look like a lady on my big day.

But that doesn’t mean I have to go completely traditional. And since my fiancé is pretty open-minded when it comes to fashion (and completely supportive of my non-conformist tendencies), we’re planning a wedding that’s a little bit different from the norm. Here are some ideas for bridal fashion with an edge:

For the ceremony: How about a short, vintage-inspired dress? Or even a tea-length gown? These styles are unique and unexpected, and will show off your personality and sense of style.

And don’t forget the accessories! A statement necklace or chunky bracelet can really dress up a simple gown.

For the reception: Once you’ve said your vows and swapped rings, it’s time to party! So why not change into something more fun and festive?

A cute cocktail dress or even separates (like a rockin’ pair of pants paired with a sexy top) will let you dance the night away without feeling restricted. And don’t be afraid to add some pizzazz with your shoes – sky-high heels or funky flats will do the trick.

So there you have it – some ideas for bride who wants to add a little bit of edge to her wedding day look. Be true to yourself, and have fun with your fashion choices!

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