Best Tote Bags to Shop Fall Fashion Season

With so many different shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one best suits your needs. That’s where we come in! We rounded up the best tote bags to shop for the fall fashion season, ahead.

First things first: when it comes to fall, think deep, rich hues like burgundy, olive green and chocolate brown. These colors not only look great with the season’s wardrobe staples (think: denim jackets, chunky sweaters and corduroy pants), but they’re also ideal for transitioning from work to play. If you prefer a pop of color, no problem! jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are also on trend and work well for fall.Ready to shop? Scroll down to check out our top picks for the best tote bags of the fall fashion season!

When it comes to materials, it’s all about leather and canvas this season. Canvas is great for a more relaxed look, while leather will add a touch of polish. And if you want something in between? Opt for a canvas bag with leather details like trim or handles.

As for size, it depends on how much you have to carry on a daily basis. If you’re constantly lugging around a laptop, charger and other work essentials, go for a larger tote bag that can accommodate everything. If you prefer a smaller bag or one that doubles as a handbag, look for styles with multiple compartments or pockets to keep things organized.

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