Beauty Secrets I Learned From Adriana Lima

The 36-year-old Brazilian supermodel has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000, making her the longest-serving VS Angel in history.

She’s also a mother of two—4-year-old Sienna and 2-year-old Valentina—and wife to former NBA player Marko Jarić, which means she doesn’t have a lot of time for elaborate hair and makeup routines. So how does she manage to look so damn good all the time? We asked Lima to share her best beauty tips and tricks.

1. She washes her face with cold water.

Lima starts her day by splashing cold water on her face. “I used to do it with hot water, but then I heard that if you wash your face with cold water, it’s actually better for your skin because it tightens your pores,” she says. “It woke me up more, too!”

2. She uses a jade roller on her face.

To help reduce puffiness and wrinkles, Lima uses a jade roller on her face every morning after she washes it. “It feels so good,” she says. “I don’t know how it works, but it just does.”

3. She exfoliates with coffee grounds.

To get rid of dead skin cells and brighten her complexion, Lima uses a coffee scrub once or twice a week in the shower. (She swears by this one from Frank Body.) “I used to use those apricot scrubs, but they would make my skin so dry,” she says. “Coffee is just much gentler on your skin.”

Adriana is frequently found donning a blouse-and-skirt combo. Then there’s the ever-practical tote, which comes in handy when she needs to lug around her laptop and a quick change of clothes and she  has the best of both worlds. Flaunting a short crossbody bag with some amazingly versatile (and stylish) accessories.

Whether she’s running errands or hitting up happy hour, she finds her bag perfect for a hands-free day.

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