Beauty Jury – 1920s waves

The 1920s were a time of great fashion and beauty. The style was all about being glamorous and feminine. Women wore their hair in beautiful waves, which were often styled with a headband or scarf. They also wore lots of makeup, including lipstick, rouge, and eye shadow. Their clothes were often very revealing, with low-cut necklines and short skirts.

Today, we’re seeing a resurgence of the 1920s style on the red carpet. Celebrities are all rocking fabulous 1920s waves. We asked our jury of experts to weigh in on their looks.

Her hair is parted in the middle and styled in soft waves that frame her face perfectly. She’s also wearing a pretty headband, which adds a touch of glamour. We love her natural makeup look, which lets her gorgeous features shine through.

Rihanna looks amazing with her new blonde hair. She’s styled it in loose waves that fall just below her shoulders. Her makeup is very glam, with smoky eyes and nude lips. We love how she’s kept her outfit simple, letting her hair and makeup do all the talking.

Fakhri looks beautiful with her hair styled in loose waves. She’s also wearing a headscarf, which is a nice nod to the 1920s trend. We love her natural makeup look, which includes rosy cheeks and nude lips.

While the others look gorgeous with their hair styled in soft waves. One opted for a more natural makeup look, which we think is perfect for daytime events. We love how she’s kept her outfit simple and chic, letting her hair and makeup take center stage.

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