Beauty hacks: Quick fixes with olive oil

If your hair is looking dull and lifeless, try giving it a hot olive oil treatment. Simply heat up some olive oil (make sure it’s not too hot) and massage it into your scalp and hair. Cover your head with a shower cap or towel and leave it on for about 30 minutes before shampooing as usual. This will help to moisturize and condition your hair, leaving it looking shiny and healthy. This is a versatile product and can be used for a number of quick beauty fixes. Here are some interesting ways you can use olive oil the next time you are in a pinch:

Want softer, smoother skin? Again, olive oil to the rescue! Just mix together equal parts of sugar and olive oil to make an inexpensive DIY body scrub. Gently massage this all over wet skin in the shower, paying special attention to areas like elbows or knees that tend to be extra dry. Rinse off with warm water when finished – voila! Instant softness!

Have pesky dandruff flakes been ruining your good hair days? Try rubbing some plain old olive oil into your scalp before shampooing as normal – doing this once or twice a week should help to control any flakiness caused by dandruff while keeping your scalp healthy at the same time .

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