Be One of the Elite Fashion Minority Wearing a Bra that Actually Fits

Eighty percent of American women are wearing the wrong size bra. Now, before you go off and start examining your girls, there’s something you should know: you’re part of a select group.

Only 20% of American women wear the correct size bra. That means that you, my dear friend, are part of the elite fashion minority – the 20% of women who have figured out their true bra size. And let me tell you, it is a beautiful thing.

A well-fitting bra can change your life. It can make you feel more confident, stylish and sexy. It can make your clothes look better and it can even improve your posture. But finding a well-fitting bra is not always easy. In fact, it can be downright hard – especially if you’ve been wearing the wrong size your whole life.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’m a professional bra fitter and I’ve helped thousands of women find their perfect fit. I’m going to share with you my top tips for finding a well-fitting bra – so that you can join the elite fashion minority and experience all the benefits that come with it!

1) Get professionally fitted: This is by far the best way to find your perfect fit. A professional fitting is quick (it only takes about 15 minutes), it’s free (most lingerie stores offer them) and it’s accurate (a trained fitter will know exactly how to measure your body and find the right size).

2) Know your measurements: If you can’t get to a store for a professional fitting, then knowing your measurements is the next best thing. You’ll need to measure both your bust and underbust (wearing a non-padded bra). Once you have those numbers, use a size chart to find your corresponding band and cup size.

3) Try on lots of different styles: Not all bras are created equal. There are dozens of different styles – from push-ups to sports bras – and each one fits differently. So don’t just buy the first bra that comes in your size; try on lots of different styles until you find one that feels good and looks great.

4) Pay attention to the details: Once you’ve found a style that fits well, pay attention to the details like straps, band width and cups. Make sure everything feels comfortable and supportive; if not, keep looking until you find a better option.

5) Get fitted regularly: Your body changes over time – so even if you found your perfect fit yesterday, it might not be perfect today. That’s why it’s important to get fitted regularly (I recommend at least once per year). This way, you can always be sure you’re wearing the right size – no matter what changes occur in your body over time!

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