All Dressed Up: Fashion Insiders On How The Pandemic Changed Their Style

“It’s been really interesting to see how my relationship with clothes has changed during the pandemic,” says Aliza Licht, fashion communications expert and author of Leave Your Mark. “I’ve gone through phases where I just want to be comfortable all the time because that’s what feels good. And then there are other times when I want to put on something that makes me feel more like myself.”

Licht isn’t alone in her sartorial journey. “I definitely have had moments during quarantine where I just wanted to wear pajamas all day or work out clothes because they’re comfortable,” agrees Becca McCharen-Tran, founder and creative director of Chromat. “But as someone who loves fashion and gets joy from dressing up, it was important for me to find ways to still do that even if it was just at home.”

For McCharen-Tran, part of getting dressed up is about putting on something that makes her feel powerful and confident–something she might not necessarily feel while lounging in sweats all day.

“Fashion is such a huge part of my life and helps me express myself,” she says. “When I don’t have anything special going on, getting dressed up for myself is a way to remind me of who I am outside of being a mom or wife or business owner.”Its a pervasive form of self-care and a way to express myself. This is  how the pandemic has changed my style.

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