A Glowing Ashley Graham Is Our New Fashion Month Role Model

Rubbing shoulders with with clelbs at Enninful’s exclusive soirée, Graham’s party trick was her lit-from-within glow. Her sheer ruched mauve slip with visible underwear looked classy rather than flashy (shout out to her stylist Emily Evans), while her fresh skin belied the toll new motherhood can take (Graham gave birth to twins Malachi and Roman at the start of this year). File it under: “aspirational model glamour” and “woman owning it”.
Cynthia Erivo and Ashley Graham. German Larkin
Graham has been much praised for her honest and unfiltered approach to documenting being a parent – from the highs and lows of pregnancy to the challenges of breastfeeding – but we love her candidness when sharing every aspect of her life. Her Paris Fashion Week photos, in particular, do not show a supermodel basking in the limelight, but a woman sharing her platform with her glam squad and highlighting the creativity of her peers. Not for Graham the curated street-style picture. Instead, it’s all widmber underpinnings was the night’s standout look, but it was her skin that really caught our eye.

The model has been vocal about her love for skin care, and her routine is clearly paying off. “I’ve been working with my aesthetician, Dr. Lancer, for years now, and he’s completely changed my skin,” she told us backstage at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “I never leave the house without SPF, even when it’s cloudy. I use his exfoliating polish and moisturizer every day. I also make sure to take off my makeup every single night before bed—no matter how tired I am!”

Graham also shared her top tips for achieving a healthy glow from within. “I always start my day with lemon water and then I take vitamins—I love Beautycounter vitamins because they have everything I need in one little packet,” she said. “I also make sure to get a good night’s sleep—for me, that means eight hours. And finally, I try to sweat every day, whether it’s through a workout or just by walking around New York City.”

So there you have it: Ashley Graham’s secrets to a flawless complexion. Now all you need is a mauve slip dress and you, too, can light up a room like a supermodel.

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