3 Chic Haircuts for Girls in the New Year 2023

The Messy Lob
The “lob” (long bob) will still go strong in 2023! It’s the perfect compromise between long and short hair, and can be styled a million different ways.
GET THE CUT: Ask your stylist for a chin-length cut with layers. The shorter pieces will help give the illusion of fullness.
STYLE IT: This style looks best when it’s a little messy. After you curl your hair, run your fingers through it to loosen up the curls.

The Pixie Cut
A pixie cut is a great choice for girls who want low-maintenance hair. It can be styled a million different ways, and is perfect for hot summer days!
GET THE CUT: Ask your stylist for a short cut with longer pieces in the front. The longer pieces will help frame your face.
STYLE IT: You can style a pixie cut a million different ways, but we love the “piece-y” look. Just use your fingers to style your hair into place!

3:Textured Layers

For a high intensity look you can add so much more with textured layers to naturally fine tune your look using layers, layers, and more layers—focusing midway down the hair to the ends ensures you don’t lose too much volume.

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