3 Chic Haircuts for Girls in the New Year

You don’t need to use a strong-hold hairspray to keep these in place.
The Pixie Cut
This style is all about short layers on top and long layers around the face. If you have an oval or heart-shaped face, this haircut will help define your features and give you some extra oomph. And if you’re worried about looking too boyish, don’t be! Just ask your stylist for some long side-swept bangs to give you a feminine touch.

GET THE CUT: The key to a great pixie cut is in the layering. Ask your stylist for short layers on top that gradually get longer around your face. And if you want bangs, make sure they’re long enough to sweep to the side.
STYLE IT: Since this cut is all about the texture, use a volumizing mousse on wet hair before blow drying. Then, finish with a flexible hold hairspray to add some shine.

The Lob (aka Long Bob)
A lob is basically a bob… but longer. It hits right at your shoulders and looks amazing on everyone (yes, really!). Plus, it’s super versatile — you can wear it straight or wavy, depending on your mood.

GET THE CUT: To get the perfect lob, tell your stylist you want a chin-length cut with blunt ends.
STYLE IT: For straight locks, use a smoothing serum on damp hair before blow drying. If you’re going for waves, put your hair in loose braids while it’s still wet; undone them when they’re dry for beachy waves sans the salt water damage.”

The braids 

braids continue their strong theme and is as versatile as they come. They’re chic, they’re fresh and they’re timeless.

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