Would You Pay to Custom-Fit Your T-Shirts for Sexier Effect (Like Jennifer Aniston)?

custom fit tshirt

But what if you had to pay for this service? Would you be willing to spend, say, $50 to get your T-shirts custom-fitted for a sexier look?

This is exactly what some high-end stores are now offering. And it’s not just for jeans and T-shirts – they’ll do it for any article of clothing you buy from them.

custom fit tshirtThe idea is that by custom-fitting your clothes, you’ll look better in them and feel more confident. That extra boost of confidence can be worth a lot, especially if you have an important event coming up or a first date.

So far, the response to this new service has been positive. People are willing to pay for the convenience and the results. And who can blame them? If it means looking like Jennifer Aniston, we’d all be willing to spend a little extra!

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