Winter Fashion – find out whats cool in winter and warm beneath

Back in the day, winter fashion was definitely more functional than beautiful. During winter, people simply bundled up to keep warm and abandoned all sense of fashion they may have had during other seasons. Colors were somber and outfits were extremely unflattering even during autumn season.

Thank goodness fashion designers decided to up winter fashion a notch. Why let go of aesthetics when you can be warm and stylish or fashionable at the same time? There was even a time when winter clothing was colorful and still highly functional.

The cold months are here and winter is right around the corner so it would be best that you start preparing and shopping for your winter fashion wardrobe.

The very first thing you should invest in for your wardrobe this autumn and winter is pairs of boots. The boots can either reach up to your knees or are cut much lower. It doesn’t really matter as any kind of boots will make you look casual chic. You can easily pair boots with jeans, skirts and especially pair them with leggings.

For your autumn and winter fashion tops, you should look into investing in a leather jacket. The trend is quite obvious among celebrities who walk the red carpet in leather jackets or even dresses that are tastefully designed.

Even shrugs can help complete your chic autumn and winter wardrobe.

Say hello again to fur in this year’s winter fashion. Fake fur will be the rage and you will be seeing pearls and more traces of the 1940’s. Pleats from the 1930’s and a lot of heavy knitwear will be seen. There could even be a few feathers here and there.

Skirts will be longer this winter, knee length being the preferred length.

Have fun finding out more about this year’s winter trends and turn your wardrobe into a fabulous winter fashion show by itself!

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