What happened to the Free Paris! Jail Paris! Cute Undies from Mio Destino

On one hand , the “Free Paris” thong ($49) was a sweet and sassy way to show your support for the heiress, adorned with an Eiffel Tower charm and the words “Free Paris” across the backside. On the other, the “Jail Paris” panties ($49) were a  naughty way to show you’re not a fan of the pampered princess, with the words “Jail Paris” written across the back in bold black letters.

Whichever side you were on the undies have suddenly disappeared from the shelves? Now your undies can no longer do the talking, just wind! No matter your opinion, there’s no denying that it was quite a trend especially the surprise on your boy friends face when in bed.

At the time, Paris Hilton was one of the most talked about celebrities. Love her or hate her, she always managed to stay in the spotlight – and her epic run-in with the law was no exception.

While many people were quick to judge her and call her a spoiled brat, there were just as many who felt sympathy and believed that she’s was being unfairly targeted.

Whatever their opinion was, there’s no denying that Paris Hilton will always be remembered as a fashion icon – and her kinky memorabilia will soon be valued at auctionable pricing.

So which side are you on? Let your undies do the talking when Christie strikes the hammer!

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