Unrealistic Beauty Standards Are Costing Us $500 Billion a Year

Good morning! It’s Sunday October 22nd !!!! Now that summer is coming up quickly on our calendars let’s take some time and talk about who these skimpy outfits are really made for other than showing off celebrities perfect figures! I am definitely not saying celebs don’t deserve their model figures…but fashion designers are supposed ly designers for dresses that are for ALL women right??? Some would say no – especially if other less photogenic shapes show up around town wearing the same runway fashions! Fashion designer Wang Tao said “I am afraid I will lose my courage if my beauty clients can’t wear my clothes”.

We all know that’s not true though since he has clients all over China who vary greatly in sizes too! So let’s address some math (numbers below!), shall we?! According when CBS News reported back in 2016 about $500 Billion (that’s with a “B”!) worth of clothing goes unworn every year!!! With $4 Billion just coming from fabric alone which makes me imagine wearing different patterns feels like I’m on an acid trip…yes…$4 Billion worth!!!! Designers need people who buy their creations – stop talking yourself out of wearing anything because there is plenty being wasted out there so please get out there and start buying up some pieces 😉

Provocative words are often easier to hear and more painful, the more insidious effect may actually be the view we have of ourselves. In a new survey conducted by Glamour magazine, only 57 percent of women polled felt they were beautiful or sexy.

When asked why they didn’t think so, 47 percent said it was due to too many negative comments. As a result of what they see in the mirror and hear from others, many women feel inadequate and incapable to take on their lives as is. This begs the question: How can something as arbitrary as a comment or opinion affect someone so deeply?reem arca col gold

The answer? It’s really not that complicated. You see, humans have been wired with survival instincts to protect ourselves from harm — from fight-or-flight situations to perceived insults on how we look. So when someone makes a negative comment about your appearance, it causes you stress and you feel threatened — like there’s a beast trying to tear through your self-esteem at any moment. And eventually, your brain does what it has been programmed for years to do: it says “fight back.” That’s where those uncomfortable feelings start coming in; those emotions that make you want to run away from all of this icky self-doubt, just like our cave ancestors did when threatened with danger but failed to because, well . . . we don’t live in caves anymore.

Good morning again! It’s Sunday October 22nd!!!! Now that summer is coming up quickly I am definitely not proposing designers dresses are all for ALL-women right??? so please get out there and start buying up some pieces 😉

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