Traditional Chinese New Year Fashion and Beauty Rituals that Might Surprise You

While were just relaxing after celebrating a great new year 2023 its quizzical that the Chinese will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on February 8th. This auspicious occasion will has a massive influence on Asian culture. It is more than just a one day holiday for families to be reunited: it’s a multi-day celebration involving the exchange of gifts, the feasting of food and the many rituals which dictate how people dress and act during this festive time.

The tradition of giving gifts around the Chinese New Year is quite prevalent  and has spread to other Asian countries and to other cultures, as well. The younger generations of today often believe that they are just following an American tradition, but in actuality this tradition has been around for 300 years.

Year of the water rabbit

Around the world, many people in countries such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand welcome the start of the year by wearing red and wearing gold necklaces and bracelets inscribed with auspicious symbols.

In Chinese culture, many people also wear red for luck, eat oranges to bring happiness in the house, and carry money in their pockets for wealth luck.

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