Think You Can’t Wear Vamp Full-On Red Nails?

Au Contraire, you can. Now Own It as we pick the Best Red Polish for Every Skin Tone. I’ll help you pick out the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones – and for yourself!

It’s time to break out the vampy red nails, ladies! And I’m not just talking about a little bit of color on the tips – I’m talking full-on, head-turning, traffic-stopping crimson nails.

Don’t be afraid to show off your bold side this holiday season! A little red nail polish is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personality.

Not sure which shade of red is right for you? Lucky Magazine has put together a handy guide to picking the best red polish for every skin tone. Check it out and then head over to my e-boutique to shop for the perfect shade of red nail polish for you!

Christian Dior ‘Diorfic’ Minuit

Diorific midnight is right at the center the red colour spectrum, far from your typical dark red nail polish. Keep a lookout on Dior’s website or eBay, and you may get lucky slapping on the lipstick combo of Diorific Minuit.

Glossy Burgundy Squoval Press On Nails

For an amazingly stunning set of nails that will get you Beyond happy! The lacquer is infused with a festive golden shimmer and will dazzle on your nails like a luxury embellishment.

Dark Burgundy

Nails are beautiful and good quality! They had to come a long way so it took a while to get but definitely worth it. Love how these nails came out ! The Matte finish is really beautiful and came way earlier than expected 🙂

Jelly Red
This deep red jelly manicure is complete with tortoiseshell print accents makes you  fully fit a vampire. The only downfall, this colour is not a limited edition and is freely available to all and sundry.

Classic Burgundy

If you prefer simplicity, you can never go wrong with a classic wine-hued polish and bring out the vamp.

ChanelRouge Noir

ChanelRouge Noir or chanel night is the very first dark red nail polish ever which was first revealed to the world in 1994. Its an almost black lacquer which became a worldwide sensation.

Chrome Tips

Chrome nails are in right now. They throw an eye-catching finish that looks fab on dark French tips. It’s a classic colour now.

Matte Maroon

Matte maroon nails scream vamp, simply paint a matte top coat over your go-to nail polish get the ultimate fall look.

Tiger’s Eye Accents

If you prefer to switch up a traditional burgundy manicure by adding a couple of tiger’s eye-inspired accent nails. Because tiger’s eyes are the vampiest gemstone.

Deep Ombré

Ombré nails are uber. Belakhlef notes that long stiletto or coffin nails with a deep red ombré are particularly vampy.

Optical Illusion

For extra flare, try out this optical illusion red and maroon nail art. Till this time optical illusion stands out as one of the most popular colours. It looks very elegant and flattering.

Shimmery Purple

This shimmery set is meant for serving Ofir the goth princess. Belakhlef says dark purple is another great option for a vampy manicure. While the new improved formulation enriched with ceramides protects nails and ensures a long lasting manicure.

Vamp French Tips

Pair two dark nail polish colors for a very vamp French manicure that’s amazing for  a fall collection. For a more affordable alternative try Essie’sWicked– it’s similar, but not the same!

Half Moons

“Black square nails with purple half moons are very vamp,” says Belakhlef. Vamps thrive in the moonlight, after all.

Swirled Shadows

These stiletto-shaped black nails with a shadowy, smokey effect scream The Vampire Diaries. With this polish, you’ll be undecided no longer.

Chrome Hearts-Inspired

For a vampy take on the Chrome Hearts-inspired nail trend, rock the look with a rich burgundy base.

Triangle Tips

Consider raven-colored nails with different finishes in one set, like these glossy triangle tips atop a matte base.

Bloody Killer-Burgundy ombre Long coffin nails

Beautiful nails! You just can’t get over how stunning they’ll look. Good thick sturdy quality. 🥰

Kester Black Narcissist

Falling in the mid-range on the spectrum of dark reds, its  a beautiful wine color which looks very posh! The polish is a limited-edition, so get it while you can!

MavalaLas Vegas

is a toxin-free dazzling ruby red polish that will flatter any skin tone or nail shape.  Staying true to its name, Las Vegas is luxurious and bright, just like itss cousin another great Mavala dark red nail polish,classicBurgundy.

Cirque Colors Rothko Red,

Rothko Red is a mixture crimson and oxblood, it changes to oxblood red in the cold of the night and a gorgeous crimson in the heat of summer! They are very flattering, and  you’ll have a cool manicure to show!

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