The Perfect Peplum


if you want to get noticed and be loved.
If you have a boyfriend who will kiss and tell.
And if you don’t think your love life is anything special, then this letter may interest you:
A year ago I wrote a story for your friend about how you can get everything a girl wants and more by doing absolutely nothing at all; that little secret just isn’t going to work for most of you because it doesn’t really apply to what’s on offer here today. But maybe there is something else…

Something different! Maybe there is one thing out there that gives men hope they don’t give up too soon? A thing that makes them feel better when they look inside their pockets and find less money than usual or go to buy the things they need to impress women like you. What could that be? My advice may be surprising but the truth is shocking. It’s not drugs, alcohol, fast cars or fancy hotels (though these are fun sometimes). Here’s why it’s hard being with nice guys every day…

Because when your boyfriend goes off with another woman he takes part of himself away from you! You need to be a good girlfriend and take over some part of him and make sure he sees it. If you’re wondering where he puts all his time and energy – well now you know! And we both have our faults. So what do those people around us have that we never see ourselves? We let those hidden qualities show through the cracks in the armor so often called “character”. Peplum_jacketNot many people would ever notice them or even care as long as things seem normal enough until one day they suddenly vanish. In other words, if we were married to each other what would happen? We’d start getting suspicious; we’d ask ourselves questions; and after awhile we might get sick of the situation. Most of us wouldn’t dare turn a blind eye because we care and it hurts us when someone cares more about someone else than we do.peplum-0

Many times we have been hurt worse than we thought possible and found ourselves alone and miserable. Nowadays, having your own space means an awful lot of effort because people always have some place left open for others and nobody has much tolerance when it comes to the concept of privacy. When you are ready.

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