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Every change in season dawns a new fashion trend. Staying ahead of the fashion world is important if you want to be trendy and chic. Learn more about what’s chic, en-vogue and in fashion this year and revamp your wardrobe without hurting your pocket.

Chic Fashion for Fall and Winter

The fall and winter collections will see an abundance of brighter hues with androgyny and texture overload. For these colder seasons, neutral and reserved colors are usually expected but for this year, the brighter colors will be dominant on the chic fashion trends. Eye-popping tones like purple, crimson, neon orange and sky blue are the preferred colors for fall and winter. Meanwhile, mannish suits and shirts that have become popular on the red carpet will remain as chic fashion for the coming year together with their matching hats and boots.

Texture overload is also part of the chic fashion where silk is combined with knitwear and fur while leather and sequins make an excellent combination. Prints, pleats and frills will also be seen during fall and winter. Most winter and fall clothes will feature polka dots, broken glass, bold flowers, girly paisley and other variety of prints. Despite the popularity of mannish clothes, femininity is still preserved with frills and pleats for a romantic look. To keep you warm for these cold seasons, knit sweaters and fur are chic fashion for this year.

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

For spring and summer, soft neutrals and vivid colors in divine fabrics are the chic fashion trends. Black and white colors still remain to be a staple for these warmer seasons which are usually big on the runway. For the spring chic fashion, orange will be the most featured as it is a color that makes a loud fashion statement. Red will also make a big come back, a bold color that will suit anyone who dares to wear it. For a feminine look, wear creamy neutral colors which are also chic fashion trends this year.

Dresses and skirts should be a part of your wardrobe to be fashionably chic this spring and summer, although you need to have them in vivid prints instead of the plain ones. Prints and stripes in classic and tailored designs with a hint of edgy and bold are the themes for these warmer seasons. Also popular this year will be crocheted tops and vests and high-waist flare pants. Lastly, most chic fashion clothes for spring and summer this coming year will be made of heavenly fabrics which are light and feather like when worn.

Revamping Your Wardrobe without Spending Too Much

Wearing the same clothes that you have worn the previous year is not really an appealing idea especially if these have designs and colors that are easily recognizable. Surely you wouldn’t want your friends or co-workers to be commenting on they have seen you wearing the same clothes last year. To avoid such situations, changing your wardrobe is recommended. It doesn’t mean though that you have to spend too much when you do that for you can actually redo your wardrobe on a budget.

For you not to spend too much on your new wardrobe, you first have to decide on what particular clothes to buy. Sort out your previous wardrobe and save the classic ones for you can still use them this coming year. Classic clothes remain as chic fashion through the years so if yours are still good, they are still usable. Once you have decided on what clothes to buy, hit the thrift stores and check if they have what you are looking for. It can be a bit to search for clothes in thrift stores but these are offered at discount prices so you will be able to save a lot when you start searching there. Look out for sales and second hand stores since there are also great finds here that are way cheaper than what you can buy in boutiques. When you still need new clothes you can now look for them in department stores and boutiques.

Seasons in fashion

As for your old clothes, do not just discard them. Look for ways on how you can reuse some of them for these coming seasons. You can actually make a few changes on these clothes to make them at par with the chic fashion this year. You can add buttons, ribbons and other adornments or accessories. Or maybe you can match clothes in a different manner from what you have previously done. Remember that chic fashion is not just on the clothes you wear but on how you wear them.

This coming year, stay stylish and trendy by knowing the chic fashion looks for the different seasons. Revamp your wardrobe without emptying your bank balance. Keep the tips that were mentioned above in mind and you will surely be wearing chic fashion these coming seasons.


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