Ashley Graham: Plus-Size Beauty Queen

Ashley Graham is the ambassador of body positivity and the first plus-size beauty model to represent major brands like Revlon, Fendi and VEDA.

“It’s so important for young girls and women to see somebody like me in this position,” Graham told WWD. “When I was younger, there weren’t a lot of representation of curvy girls in the media. And now that I am that person, it’s my job to show girls that our differences are what make us beautiful and powerful.”

Earlier, in February last year  Ashley Graham and Joanna Griffiths released Big. Strong. Woman. at the Adweek Challenger Brands Summit, a film focused on combating female stereotypes and highlighting female strength.

This comes after the “Live Boldly” campaign which was all about encouraging women to express themselves freely and unapologetically with a message that Graham has long championed, both in her own life and in her work as a model and body-positive activist.

Now, that she has brought that message to even more people as the face of Revlon. It’s a dream come true for Graham, who says she’s been using these brand’s  since a teenager.

“I am so honored to be partnering with exciting brands as their new Global Brand Ambassador,” Graham said. “These are  company that have always embraced diversity and celebrated women of all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnicities… I am beyond excited to inspire women around the world to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.”

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