Beauty Made in Italy Spotlight: Acqua dell’Elba

This company has succeeded in bottling the essence of Elba, an island renowned for its unspoiled beauty, its therapeutic springs and its fine wines.

The Acqua dell’Elba fragrance collection includes eau de parfums for men and women, as well as home fragrances, all of which reflect the company’s commitment to creating products that are true to the island of Elba. The men’s line features scents like “Tuscan Leather” and “Sicilian Citrus,” while the women’s line includes “Gardenia di Capri” and “Mandorla di Sicilia.”

All of Acqua dell’Elba’s products are made in Italy using local ingredients. The company is committed to sustainable practices and supporting local farmers and producers. Their packaging is also eco-friendly and recyclable.

Acqua dell’Elba’s products can be found online at their website or in select stores around the world. In Italy, their products are available at high-end department stores like La Rinascente or Printemps; while in the United States, they can be found at luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue.

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