Beauty Boss: Meet the Woman Behind Chantecaille’s Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Front row seat to a career journey, and an inside look at what it takes to make it to the top. This week we’re featuring Sylvie Chantecaille, the creative director and driving force behind the eponymous luxury beauty brand that bears her name. Sylvie is a powerhouse in the beauty industry, with a long list of accomplishments under her belt. She’s a true visionary when it comes to product development, and her commitment to using natural ingredients and earth-friendly practices has helped set Chantecaille apart from other luxury brands.

Sylvie was born in France and raised in Switzerland. She studied art history at the Sorbonne before moving to New York City in 1976. It was there that she met her husband, Olivier, with whom she would go on to launch Chantecaille in 1997.

Prior to starting her own company, Sylvie worked as an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale’s and as a fashion editor at Vogue magazine. She also served as the creative director for several other fashion and beauty brands, including Revlon and Lancome. Her wealth of experience in the fashion and beauty industries has helped make Chantecaille one of the most successful luxury brands in operation today.

Under Sylvie’s creative direction, Chantecaille has released groundbreaking products like the world’s first anti-aging serum made with botanical ingredients, as well as popular makeup staples like their best-selling “Future Skin” foundation. Sylvie is also responsible for developing the brand’s unique color palette, which has become one of its most distinguishing features.

In addition to her work with Chantecaille, Sylvie is an active philanthropist and environmentalist. She sits on the board of several organizations dedicated to protecting endangered species, including The Wildlife Conservation Society and The African Wildlife Foundation. She has also been a vocal advocate for banning animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

Sylvie’s passion for helping others extends beyond her work in the beauty industry; she is also deeply committed to fighting poverty and inequality. In 2010, she launched “The Rose Project” with Chantecaille proceeds going towards building schools for girls in Africa through The Global Fund for Children. To date, The Rose Project has built four schools and provided education for over 1,200 girls across Africa.

Sylvie Chantecaille is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of beauty. Her dedication to creating high-quality products made with natural ingredients, combined with her commitment to giving back, makes her an inspiration to us all.

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