Beauty Bitch: Barely-There Fakeup

You know the one, where skin looks like skin, freckles are on show and brows are brushed but not ‘done’. It’s the kind of thing that requires hours of practice and a small team of experts to achieve – and usually results in a large bill.
But for those of us who don’t have hours to spare or a team of professionals at our beck and call, there is some good news. This natural makeup look is achievable, with the right products and technique.
The key to nailing the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is all in the prep work. Without spending hours in front of a mirror, you can create a flawless base using just a few products. Start by using a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser to even out your skin tone, followed by concealer only where you need it – under the eyes, around the nose etc. Then set your base with a translucent powder to keep shine at bay.

Now for the fun part – adding some subtle colour and definition. A gentle flush on the cheeks using either cream blush or bronzer will give you that ‘I’ve just been for a run’ healthy glow (without having to actually go for a run). A nude eyeshadow applied all over the lid up to the crease will make eyes look wider and awake, while mascara on both top and bottom lashes will open things up even more.

Add some definition to brows with a clear gel or brown pencil, applied with light strokes for a natural finish. And finally, finish off with lip balm or gloss for hydrated, kissable lips.
There you have it – our top tips for getting the barely there makeup look that is so popular right now.”

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