3 Hilarious Beauty Fails That Every Girl Can Relate To

hot mess IRL. Here, nine beauty fails that every girl can relate to.

1. When you’re trying to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look, but end up looking like a panda:

We’ve all been there – you spend what feels like hours in front of the mirror, painstakingly trying to get both sides to match perfectly. But no matter how many times you try, it just doesn’t look right. And then you remember that people actually go out in public with wonky eyeliner all the time and feel better about yourself… until you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a store window and realize that you look like a panda. Sigh.

2. When your hair just will not cooperate:

whether it’s frizzing up despite five different products, or refusing to hold a curl no matter how much hairspray you use, sometimes your hair just has a mind of its own. And on those days when nothing seems to work, it’s tempting to just give up and throw it into a bun – but we know deep down that we’ll only be mad at ourselves later when we see pictures from the event we went to where our hair looked terrible . So we keep fighting the good fight even though our arms are getting tired from holding those curling irons aloft for so long…

3. When your lips are cracked and you notice your lips getting chapped more than usual:

You often find lipstick settling into the cracks in your lips, it is time you pay more attention to your prep routine. Just like you wash, scrub, and prime your face as a part of your skincare routine, you also need to exfoliate and hydrate your lips to make sure they stay smooth and soft. Use a gentle lip exfoliator and scrub your lips to get rid of the dead cells and rough skin. Do this two to three times a week but remember – do not be too harsh as the skin on your lips is very delicate. And no we are not talking about shades, you have complete freedom to choose your favorite shade depending on your mood and the occasion. We are talking about the texture and the formula of the lipstick.

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