8 Psychological Reasons Why People Get Tattooed and Pierced!


There are many factors that contribute to the decision to get a tattoo or not. Let’s look at the 8 major reasons people decide to get body piercings.

1. Personality: Tattooed people are often more confident, expressive, and outgoing than their peers.tattoo-piercing-1

2. Status: Pierced individuals are often more rebellious and independent than their peers, and also tend to have lower socioeconomic statuses than average. 3/4 of consumers with tattoos earn less than $30K per annum, while only 1/5 of those without any tattoos makes less than $30K per annum. 3/4 of those with piercings earn less than $30K per annum as well, while only 1/5 make over $55k per year on the other handtattoo-piercing-0

3. Mystery: There is something intriguing about being “different” from everyone else! People get piercings not just for the sake of being different, but because it feels secret and unique on some level!tattoo-piercing-2

4. Genetic Reasons: Some people inherit an impulsivity trait from their parents that causes them to engage in risky behaviors such as getting tattoos or piercings––and this is one explanation for why some people may be genetically predisposed toward these types of behavior.tattoo-piercing-5

5-8 coming soon…

In conclusion, there are many psychological reasons why an individual might want a tattoo or piercing––so don’t judge them if you don’t understand them!tattoo-piercing-4

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