7 Traditional Chinese New Year Fashion and Beauty Rituals that Might Surprise You

chinese new year

We will be ushering in the new year in a few days and the lunar new year twenty three days thence, and while you may be busy finalizing your reunion dinner menu or cleaning your house from top to bottom for a fresh start, have you given any thought to what you’ll be wearing?

If not, don’t fret! I’ve got you covered with these 7 traditional Chinese New Year fashion and beauty rituals that are sure to impress your elders and get you lucky red packets in return.

1. Go Red

This one is a no-brainer – red is considered an auspicious color in Chinese culture, symbolizing good luck and happiness. It’s also the most popular hue worn during Chinese New Year as it wards off evil spirits. If you don’t own anything red, now is the time to invest in a classic red lip or even a pair of red shoes that you can break out every year.

2. Dress Modestly

While you may be used to seeing plunging necklines and mini skirts on the streets of Hong Kong, it’s important to remember that Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings, not clubbing. As such, it’s best to dress modestly in clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Not only will you avoid any awkward questions from your nosy aunties, but you’ll also stay comfortable throughout the long days of feasting ahead.

3. Avoid Wearing Green or White

While red is an auspicious color, green and white are associated with death in Chinese culture. As such, it’s best to avoid wearing these colors altogether during the new year period. If you must wear green or white, make sure to offset the somber hues with brighter colors like yellow or pink.

4. Get Your Hair Cut Before New Year’s Eve

This may sound like an old wives tale, but many believe that cutting your hair before New Year’s Eve will ensure a prosperous year ahead. After all, who doesn’t want long and luscious locks? If you can’t make it for a haircut before the big day, make sure to at least tie your hair up in a bun – loose hair is said to signify loose money!

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