14 High-Tech Hair Tools to Get Salon Results at Home

Maintaining an awesome hair routine calls for the right tools, here are 14 tools you can use to set and reset your hair. They mostly involve drying your hair with temperature at medium-high and using a heat protecting spray. You use them by pulling sections of your hair flat against the plates and holding each section for 3-5 seconds so it gets nicely heated.

Curling irons
What they’re good for: “For natural looking curls, I like to use a one-inch, wide barrel; they don’t create an overpowering look, but give you the nice tousled beachy waves that work great with all lengths of hair to create depth and shape. I prefer silicone tips — like these by John Frieda — because they heat up more quickly and maintain their heat while curling your hair.”

What it’s good for: “In order to have your style last through humidity or anything you do throughout the day, I love using a firm hold hairspray, especially one that contains UV protectant like Triple Sec Spritz Fix Hairspray. You don’t want limp locks! It’s also important be sure not to spray too close or too far from your head as you could end up with wet patches,” says Adir Abergel

Harry Josh Pro Tools Makeup & Wave Setting Clips

Harry Josh hair setting clips are great to pin your hair back so that you may apply your makeup. Further , it won’t crease or kink a perfect blowout. These clips are used to pin hair back while you finish off getting ready and keeps your hairstyle intact. The larger size of these clips is an added benefit  as they won’t leave behind a bend. Another plus is the size allows you to hold more hair within your clip. They are good for setting a curtain bang in place during a blow dry.

1106 3/8-inch Gold Curling Iron

If you’re one who has really curly hair, you might appreciate this hot tools curling iron. It allows you to maintain those tough curls. Then again you just might want to  wrap curls around the iron to get them all bouncy. So it actually works both ways. After you wash your hair, allow it to air dry and apply your normal hair routines and use a hair curling product to keep your curls intact. Once your hair is dry, section off the scalp and wrap curls around the iron in a suitable direction according to the style you wish.

Hot Round Brushes
This is a combination of a  round brush and curling wand, used typically on dry hair to smooth the frizz and produce voluminous waves. They’re also suitable for revival of flat and  second-day strands.

Blowdryer Brushes
To create a smooth and bouncy blowout you can use the blowdryer–round brush combo just after you wash your hair. While drying your hair, it can be tough to get the right angles using a blowdryer and round brush separately and  simultaneously here’s where the combo comes in to  achieve the soft bend you’re looking at with just one tool.

Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver Pro Dual Voltage

The Beachwaver pro allows you to rotate your way to perfect waves with the dual voltage Beachwaver S1. With this you can create three different styles, including defined curls, relaxed waves and glam waves. Its ceramic, rotating barrel provides easy, quality waves in matter of minutes.

Conair Infiniti PRO Curling Wand

Conair pro is a budget-friendly tourmaline wand used to  create at-home beach waves. It allows you to achieve a perfect curl or wave without the clamp of a curling iron. It easy to use and you can do the wrapping yourself to obtain a smooth texture.  You can also  wrap strands or use it to get the perfectly highlighted finish or style. Further, its tourmaline ceramic technology and does not  damage your hair.

Drybar The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush

Its a straightening iron for anyone in a rush. Its a combination of a flat iron and paddle brush in one. It provides a method for obtaining shiny, silky straight hair in one swift move. It uses ionic technology to help seal the cuticle and keep frizz at bay. It also has digital temperature control for custom styling.

This blow-drying brush is great for long hair and gives a smoother finish while drying your hair. It retains heat due to its ceramic barrel and allows hair to dry in double the time compared to a regular round brush. Section your scalp and work the brush through each section, running the brush over your hair until it’s smooth and styled the way you wish. If you desire a wavy look, dry your hair, wrap sections of hair around the brush, blast it with heat for 30 seconds, then with cool air for another 30 seconds before undoing the wrap.

amika Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush

This thermal interchangeable brush allows you to blow dry and style your hair simultaneously without having to use more than one product at once. With three different interchangeable brush heads, you can choose which one works best for your hair type and length.

DevaCurl DevaFuser

DevaCurl helps you keep curls in check. This unique, hand-shaped attachment from DevaCurl provides 360-degree airflow which surround curls and cuts down on drying time while its ceramic inner core checks frizz. You will get Bouncy, voluminous waves and coils with an enhanced sheen.

Philips Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer (White)

The philips thermo protect helps you protect your hair while drying . It comes with multiple speed and temperature settings with the added feature of ThermoProtect.

Dyson Airwrap (Fuschia)
No discussion on hair styling is complete without the Dyson Air Wrap. It styles your hair by avoiding the usage of heat, the latter causing damage to hair follicles in certain cases. It is an expensive product and is super advanced in tech.


The bubble wave is super trendy, but very hard to achieve with a single barrel iron,” says Lee. This tool makes it very easy to get bubble waves at home. The three-barrel wavers are recommended.

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